Born in Poplar Bluff, MO. October 22, 1946.  The oldest of five and raised by a single mother, I spent a lot of time drawing as a child.

       I meet my husband, (a US soldier) at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I graduated high school in 1964, married 2 weeks later & moved to Edinburgh, Indiana.          Years after my divorce, now 37. I befriended a man that I would become very close to. As the years pass by, he would give me a gift for my birthday that I would never forget. Much to my surprise the gift would be oil paints, brushes, canvases and two lessons called Paint n Take, leaving me totally confused. Then he says the Physic told him that he sees a lady close to him that should be painting. 

      I fall in love with art. And in just a few months I am accepted to Franklin College. In 1987 I graduate with a B.A. in Franklin, IN. 

      I’ve painted and sold my share. Life spun me around for a 20 years but, here it is 2021 and I’m back where I belong.